FoodPod Cooking Vessel

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FoodPod Cooking Vessel on Wantist
FoodPod Cooking Vessel with broccoli FoodPod Cooking Vessel with mussels FoodPod Cooking Vessel

The FoodPod is a modern silicone cooking tool designed to save time when boiling, blanching or steaming by conveniently containing, removing and draining foods like eggs, veggies, shellfish and more in one easy-to-use vessel. Simply place foods in the FoodPod and put in water to cook. Lift from water, let drain. Remove from FoodPod. Enjoy!

Some stuff you should know:

  • Saves time and water when preparing a meal
  • Foods are immersed and removed at the same time to ensure even cooking
  • Keeps foods together for quick and easy removal
  • Acts as a strainer and drains water back into the pot – lets you reserve the cooking water too!
  • Easily holds up to a dozen large eggs or several heads of broccoli (1-3/4 quart or 1-2/3 liter capacity)
  • Built-in grip clip allows for convenient removal from water and aids in boil over control
  • Non-stick silicone protects delicate foods and pot surfaces
  • Flexible to fit in any size pot for cooking and storing
  • Made of FDA/EU food-safe silicone and BPA-free nylon
  • Top rack dishwasher safe
FoodPod Cooking Vessel on Wantist FoodPod Cooking Vessel on Wantist

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