Hammam Dopp Kit

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from Hammocks & High Tea:

I was reminiscing one day. Every morning I would run my little knobby knees to the back of our house and watch my uncles begin their morning routine. Smelly shaving cream, straight edge razor, and sink full of water. They would pull their grooming tools from a worn leather dopp kit and begin crafting meticulous mustaches. This is our homage to those magic kits, in our signature patterns and colors.

Hammam: our hammam print is inspired by the weave of the beautiful towels used in traditional Turkish baths.

  • Linen/cotton blend fabric
  • Waterbased, no VOC inks
  • Waterproof lining
  • Slim Italian leather handle
  • 9"w, 5"h, 4"d

About Hammocks & High Tea:

Inspired by my grandmother (the embodiment of fusion with Scottish-Portuguese heritage), Hammocks & High Tea offers a modern perspective on traditional, global textiles. Our hand crafted collection uses eco friendly fibers and water based, solvent free inks. We believe quality products require quality time to make. That eco can be bold as well as beautiful. And coming home is the best feeling in the world. Enjoy -Karen Young

Hammam Dopp Kit on Wantist

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