Picker's Wallet

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Picker's Wallet on Wantist
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For years I’d always shoved a spare pick between my credit cards for when I really needed a guitar pick. I finally decided to make one with a designated pocket for the pick.
  • 3 Credit Card Slots
  • Cash compartment
  • Pocket for guitar pick
  • Driver’s license compartment
  • 100% Full Grain Leather

About Whipping Post:

My guitar has a hole in it. Two to be exact. The sound hole was intentional of course while the other was inflicted during a bar room melee. That’s the thing about my guitar. Despite being banged up, scratched, and abused, it looks and plays great. Put simply, it has character. I always wanted to create a bag for my guitar that matched its character. Something that could age with time and maintain its classic appeal like any well made instrument. The more it got used and abused the better it became. Kind of like my guitar.

The process wasn’t easy or cheap, but I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. It took lots of sketches in my workshop (laundry room), leather samples, and trips to Mexico. I eventually ended up working for the owner of one of the finest leather shops in the world. He taught me everything I know about good leather. Quite a ride. – Ryan Barr

Picker's Wallet on Wantist Picker's Wallet on Wantist Picker's Wallet on Wantist Picker's Wallet on Wantist

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