The Geometry of Pasta

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The Italians have a secret. Over the centuries, they have pioneered more than 300 shapes of pasta, each with a history, a story to tell, and an affinity for particular foods. These shapes have evolved alongside the flavors of local ingredients, and the perfect combination can turn an ordinary dish into something sublime.

The Geometry of Pasta pairs more than one hundred authentic recipes from critically acclaimed chef Jacob Kenedy with award-winning designer Caz Hildebrand’s stunning black-and-white designs to reveal the science, history, and philosophy behind spectacular pasta dishes from all over Italy.

Packaged in a crisply designed black-and-white hardcover (complete with a dust jacket that unfolds into a poster of pasta shapes and patterns), The Geometry of Pasta is a one-of-a-kind cookbook unlike anything you’ve ever seen!

From the Authors:

Pasta is a simple thing but getting it absolutely right depends as much on choosing the best pasta shape for the sauce as on cooking it properly.

Each shape of pasta has a subtly different role to play. An Italian might say that understanding this is an innate skill that is difficult for the non-Italian to acquire. We politely disagree.

Our book, The Geometry of Pasta shows you how to develop an instinct for matching pasta and sauce. We explain how to team up pasta with sauce to maximise taste and texture and to turn you from an average into a great pasta cook.

The Geometry of Pasta on Wantist

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